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Keynotes sessions or lectures

  • Immunotherapy in cancer, how does it work? How does it not work? New challenges
    Pr Joao Goncalves, Portugal
  • mRNA vaccines in cancer – the next future 
    Pr Niels Halama, Germany
  • Why and how should we screen for Prostate cancer? Recommendations from the EU Council 
    Pr Hein Van Poppel, Belgium
  • Breast cancer update
    Elżbieta Senkus-Konefka, Gdansk Poland

Clinical and practical sessions

  • Antibody drug conjugate development, where are we?
    Clinical issues, stability, and occupational safety issues
    Pr Jean-Sebastien Frenel, Nantes France – Pr Alain Astier, France
  • Genomics 2024 and clinical oncology pharmacists: what do we need to know?
    Mohamed Nagy, Cairo Egypt – NN
  • Cellular and gene therapy medicine management systems
    Vito Ladisa, Milano Italia – Claudia Langebrake, Hamburg Germany   
  • In house production of CAR-T therapy (Chair: Mirjam Crul, Netherlands)
    Jos Kosterink, Groningen Netherlands – Estela Moreno Martínez, Barcelona Spain
  • Current issues in the field of surface contamination with oncology drugs –
    Results from the European interlaboratory comparison study
    Ewelina Korczowska, Poland – Roland Van Den Berg, The Netherlands
  • Pragmatic trials and evolution of clinical trials methodologies in oncology
    Eduardo Tejedor, Spain – NN
  • Psycho Oncology: what clinical oncology pharmacists need to know?
  • New treatments in advanced prostate cancer
    Sara Merler, Bellinzona Switzerland
  • Innovative drugs in hematology: highlights of 2024
  • Pharmacoeconomy, what we need to know in 2024
    Robert Terkola, Austria – Julya Zuenkova, Russia –  NN
  • Joint session ESOP – SIOP European Society for Pediatric Oncology (Chair: Sherif Kamal, Egypt)
    Svetlana Buraja, Latvia ESOP – Pr Gilles Vassal, France SIOP, Marko Otsokolhich, Ireland

Workshops and interactive sessions

  • Management of drug-drug interactions (Chair: Christophe Bardin, France)
    Laura Budau, Romania – NN 
  • Pharmaceutical consultations, which evolutions?
    Felice Musicco, Roma, Italy – Giovanna Crivellaro, Padova Italy
  • Immunotherapy: an opportunity for clinical pharmacists
    Prevention and management of side effects, interactions with gut microbiota interactions
    Estela Moreno Martínez, Barcelona Spain – Nazaré Rosado, Portugal – Diogo Alpuim, Portugal
  • How to implement Therapeutic Drug Monitoring in Oncology
    Christophe Bardin, France – NN
  • How to work multiprofessionally in cases
  • Supportive care and involvement of clinical oncology pharmacists
    Teresa Smit, Johannesburg South Africa – NN
  • Herbal medicines and cancer patients’ behaviour: pharmacological and psychological issues
    Nabil Borsali, Algeria  – Venus Mushininga, Zimbabwe  – Kamonsak Reungjarearnrung, Tailand
  • How to write an article
    Robert Terkola, Austria
  • Role of clinical oncology pharmacists in tumor boards  
  • Medical devices in oncology and safety: what we need
  • How to write a clinical case
    Christophe Bardin, France – NN
  • Oral drugs: how to improve adherence (session with patient advocate speakers)
  • “How to work multiprofessionally in case together” – gastric case – gynecologic case
  • Joint session ESOP – EONS European Oncology Nursing Society: clinical cases
    Virpi Sulosaari, Finland, Pdt EONS – Helena Ullgren, Sweden EONS / Mirjam Crul, The Netherlands ESOP

Debate and round table discussions

  • Derogatory access to new oncology drugs: regulatory and ethical issues: reaching equal access for all patients? High-cost oncology drugs and proof of added benefit.
    Robert Terkola, Austria – Adela Maghear, Belgium – Isabelle Borget, France – NN
  • 2024 EU pharmaceutical package
    Pr Fernand Sauer, France – Marko Skelin, Croatia – Mirjam Crul, The Netherlands

Other topics

  • Activities of the “Young professionals’ group in ECO »
    Mikael Daouphars, France
  • Oral communications session: selected best abstracts
    Fabrizio Festinese, Italy – Christophe Bardin, France
  • Corner presentation “My day with Oncology pharmacy”
    Caoimhe O’Leary, Ireland
  • Industry sponsored symposiums
  • ESOP news of the world
  • ESOP research projects and actually updates:  QuapoS, EUSOP, outcomes of the WGs, ESOP certification issues