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ECOP 5 topics
Preliminary program (5 – 7 November 2020)

Keynotes sessions

  • Introductive session: Inegalities in oncology health care – ethical aspects
  • Update and guidelines in myeloma
  • Lung cancer update
  • New drugs as anticancer therapies

Clinical and practical symposiums

  • Car-T cells : where we are where do we go?
  • Immunotherapy 
    • new immunotherapies
    • starting the fight in the tumour: upcoming concepts of intratumoural immunotherapy 
    • management of adverse effects
    • immunotherapy in special patient populations
  • Palliative care
    • Deprescribing tools for palliative care
    • Supportive care and the role of the pharmacist
  • Evolution of Therapeutic Drug Monitoring in oncology
  • Digital health and tools to maintain patient’s medication adherence in oral chemotherapy
  • Radiopharmacy and oncology pharmacy
  • Biosimilars
    • Implementation of biosimilars in Europe, where are we?
    • What is the real need for clinical efficacy studies with biosimilars?

Workshops and interactive sessions

  • Automation in aseptic preparation 
  • Role of pharmacy in Car-T cells-management
  • How to implement pharmaceutical consultation and medication reconciliation?
  • Practical stability for anticancer drugs : how to find relevant informations?
  • New tools for safe compounding
  • Complementary and alternative medicine, phytotherapy : how to manage automedication?

Debate and Round table discussions

  • Evolution of pharmaceutical care in clinical oncology pharmacy
  • Cost management in cancer care and drug regulation.
  • Multicenter real world data studies, which impact can they generate?
  • Drug shortage in oncology, what can we do now?

Join sessions

    • pharmacologic specificities of anticancer drugs in older patients
  • ESO / ESOP

ESOP research projects

  • Quapos, Masha, EPIC, ODN projects
  • Mentimenter experiment : Future of Oncology Pharmacy In Europa 

Industry sponsored symposiums 

Closing Remarks / Conference Hightlights & Awards 

ECOP 5 – enhance your knowledge in Oncology Pharmacy – the European way!